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The Regional Transit Strategic Planestablishes a common vision for transit in our region and set priorities over the next five years, allowing transit to respond effectively to developing issues.

The plan was created by the RTA in collaboration with CTA, Metra, and Pace. Preparation of the plan included input from the public, stakeholders and elected official. The Regional Transit Strategic Plan is intended to be used as a road map to shape the future of the region's transit system. Having such a plan helps to define the region's common vision and goals for transit and forges a thoughtful and coherent basis by which decisions can be made. The Strategic Plan highlights the most important issues that face transit in our region. The Regional Transit Strategic Plan was adopted by the RTA Board of Directors on August 21, 2013.

The plan identifies the vision of the regional transit system as "A world-class regional public transportation system providing a foundation to the region's prosperity, livability, and vitality." The vision is supported by four goals:

  • Goal A. Provide Valuable, Reliable, Accessible and Attractive Transportation Options
  • Goal B: Ensure Financial Viability
  • Goal C: Promote A Green, Livable and Prosperous Region
  • Goal D: Continue to Advocate For and Be a Trusted Steward of Public Transportation

The plan identifies five key continuing and emerging issues, along with strategies to address them:

  1. Transit's Significant Capital Backlog and Insufficient Capital Funding
    • Proactively Seek Stable, Long-Term Funding Solutions to Support State of Good Repair
    • Strategically Invest Limited Capital Funding
    • Increase Awareness of Transit's Capital Needs and Its Impact on the Region
  2. Improve the Customer Experience through a Modernized & Integrated System
    • Modernize the Customer Experience
    • Pursue Behind-The-Scenes Initiatives
    • Develop Marketing that Better Resonates with Customers
  3. Strike a Balance between Meeting Current Demand & Developing New Markets
    • Manage and Accommodate Currently Growing Demand
    • Thoughtfully Increase Ridership to Better Leverage Existing Capacity
  4. Balancing Tight Operating Budgets
    • Continue to Manage Costs and Increase Efficiencies
    • Grow Revenues
  5. Reauthorization of the Federal Transportation Bill & the Need to Educate
    • Proactively Seek Funding Solutions for Existing Needs
    • Reduce Unfunded Mandates and Encourage Initiatives that are Transit Supportive

**NEW** The 2014 Regional Transit Strategic Plan Progress Report highlights the contributions of our agencies over the last year (2013-2014) towards implementing the plan. It also looks ahead to the needs of our world-class public transit system moving forward.


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