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2014 Community Planning Program of Projects


The RTA Community Planning program allocates grant funding and planning assistance to benefit communities and the region’s transportation system. This year, the RTA will provide funding for the ten projects below. Combined , the will receive $360,000 in federal, local and RTA funds to support projects that increase transit usage, facilitate multi-modal connections, enhance access to jobs, and increase mobility for seniors and people with disabilities.


Over the past 15 years, the RTA has leveraged federal, state, local and its own dollars to fund 215 public transit-related projects totaling over $122.25 million throughout the six-county area. All of these, from the Joliet Transportation Center to the way-finding signs in Chicago that help riders move easily between CTA and Metra, directly benefit customers. Please read below to see our list of 2014 Community Planning Projects.


Project Title


Village of Fox Lake

TOD Developer Discussion

This project will assist the Village with implementing their TOD plan for the Fox Lake Metra Station, completed through the Community Planning program, by conducting a developer panel in the Village.  The RTA will work with the Village to bring a panel of developers to guide and advise Village staff on how to identify and solicit developers to the station area.

Fox Lake 2014 CP Application.pdf

Village of Tinley Park

Developer / Financial Advisory Panel

This project will assist the Village with implementing the Village Legacy Plan, their downtown TOD plan, and Legacy Zoning Code by conducting a developer and financial panel for the Village.  The RTA will work with the Village to bring a panel of development and financial professionals to the Village to discuss what incentives, programs and projects should be created to spur implementation of the Legacy plan through private investment.

 Tinley Park 2014 CP Application.pdf

City of Geneva

TOD Zoning Update

This project will rewrite the Zoning Code in the downtown area and near the Geneva Metra Station in an effort to implement recommendations from the Downtown Station Area Master Plan, which was completed through the Community Planning Program.  Current zoning regulations that act as barriers to redevelopment will be amended to be easier to understand and use.  Balance will be sought in the code to attract developers and to maintain regulatory control needed by the City to achieve high quality development. 

 Geneva 2014 CP Application.pdf

Pace Suburban Bus

Local Transit Planning Technical Assistance

This project will fund technical assistance to Pace to enable them to conduct community transit planning tasks in multiple communities such as market analysis studies, service planning and design, origin / destination studies and various market surveys.  The goals of these tasks will be to improve community transit options and traffic flow while also taking into account economic development opportunities, land uses that support transit and improved access to transit.

Pace 2014 CP Application.pdf

Village of Melrose Park

Broadway Avenue Corridor Plan

This project will conduct a corridor study that will lead to guidelines to be incorporated into the Village's Comprehensive Plan update.  Obstacles to the Broadway corridor becoming a vibrant transit corridor will be addressed in order to create a transit friendly environment that includes improved transit infrastructure, safety and beautification elements.  

Melrose Park 2014 CP Application.pdf

Kane County DOT

Ride-in-Kane Assessment

This project will assess the existing Ride in Kane program and recommend areas of improvement.  Historical program operating funds may not be available in the future so the program needs to assess the existing conditions of the program, understand the growth in demand and how to manage that growth, and develop strategies to encourage users to access fixed route services for greater flexibility in travel through the region. 

Kane County 2014 CP Application.pdf

Village of Park Forest

TOD Pedestrian Access Plan

This project will provide RTA staff assistance to the Village to further review pedestrian access to the 211th Street Metra station and develop a pedestrian access improvement plan.  The project will review pedestrian and bicycle connections between commercial corners, existing residential neighborhoods and the connection between parking and the platform / station entrances.

 Park Forest 2014 CP Application.pdf

Village of Lemont

TOD Sites Marketing Plan

This project will increase the implementation efforts that are already taking place related to the Lemont Station Area Plan (completed with RTA funds) by creating a marketing plan the Village can use to proactively attract infill development near the Metra Station as well as along the Downtown Main Street corridor.  With the addition of a potential new large scale recreational development, the Village needs to ensure all the new developments are in line with the goals of the Village and the original Station Area Plan. 

Lemont 2014 CP Application.pdf 

Village of Forest Park

TOD Developer Discussion

This project will assist the Village with future development along the Harlem Avenue corridor between the Green and Blue Line CTA stations by conducting a developer panel specific to 3-4 sites along the Harlem corridor.  The developer panel will be able to advise the Village regarding efforts it can take to attract new development along the Harlem corridor which will in turn lead to the development of the corridor into its next main street after Madison Avenue.  Current land uses and development are not conducive to the redevelopment of this corridor.

 Forest Park 2014 CP Application.pdf

Village of Bellwood

TOD Developer Discussion

This project will assist the Village with future development along the St. Charles Road corridor which will be the first implementation effort following the adoption of the new Village Comprehensive Plan.  The project will conduct a developer panel specific to four sites along the St. Charles corridor with the goal of revitalizing this once historic village main street.  The panel will give the Village feedback on what type of development is realistic for the four sites in the current market and concrete steps for what Bellwood should do to promote development.  

Bellwood 2014 CP Application.pdf


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Call for Projects Timeline

May 2 - Call for Projects released

May 22 -  Learn about successful LTA and Community Planning projects at the GreenTown Conference

June 3 - Information session Tuesday, June 3, 2014, 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. at CMAP.  RSVP to Dan Olson (    

June 11 - If transit-related project, contact made to transit agency for letter of support

June 26 – Applications due before Noon CST

July -  RTA / CMAP staff will notify applicants which agency will evaluate their application

July- August -  RTA staff will contact applicants with additional questions on their application

July- August - RTA staff reviews projects

September -  Preliminary project selection recommendations released; all applicants notified

October - Project development

December 19 -RTA Board approves projects and funding for recommended projects; successful applicants notified

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