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2015 Community Planning Program of Projects

The RTA Community Planning program allocates grant funding and planning assistance to benefit communities and the region’s transportation system. For the 2015 Community Planning program, the RTA will provide funding for the 16 projects below. The projects will increase transit usage, facilitate multi-modal connections, enhance access to jobs, and increase mobility for seniors and people with disabilities.



Project Title


Village of Bartlett

Downtown / TOD Plan

This project will assist the Village with developing a TOD plan for the core downtown / Metra station area.  The plan will guide the Village as it takes steps to improve the Downtown Business District.  The plan will include realistic and economically viable strategies that will benefit Village residents, businesses and visitors to the Village's downtown and support transit use.

Village of Brookfield

TOD Zoning Update

This project will assist the Village with updating the zoning regulations in the three Metra station areas, focusing primarily on the downtown area.  The update will reflect land use policies, goals and objectives found in the adopted 2020 Master Plan.  The revised zoning code will use the latest form-based methods and theories of development regulation to assist the Village in continuing to transform the environment surrounding the downtown Metra station into a model transit-oriented development. 

Pace Suburban Bus

 North Avenue Corridor Study

This project will fund technical assistance to Pace for conducting a corridor study of North Avenue between Harlem Avenue and York Road.  This study will meet the goals and objectives of Pace's Vision 20/20 program as well as address regional concerns expressed in CMAP's GOTO 2040 plan.  The study will address many concerns including pedestrian access issues, transit connections, origin and destination analysis and traffic conditions.

Village of Libertyville

 TOD Plan

This project will assist the Village to plan for mixed use development in their core downtown area surrounding the Libertyville Metra station.  The plan will detail the creation of a livable and walkable downtown area that remains architecturally significant and that will contribute to economic development and transit ridership.

Village of Mt. Prospect

Rand Road Corridor Plan

This project will conduct an update of the Rand Road Corridor Plan which was originally completed in 1998.  The revised plan will have an extra emphasis on transportation, transit access and land use along the corridor.  The plan will result in an action plan of recommendations including improvements to bicycle/pedestrian infrastructure, Pace bus service and revised major intersection design to create a more pedestrian friendly environment. 

City of Highwood

TOD Zoning Update

This project will assist the City with rewriting the zoning code in the downtown TOD area as recommended in the recently completed, Community Planning program funded Highwood TOD study.  The revised code will include detailed transit-supportive zoning standards and design guidelines consistent with the TOD plan, and will help create an entitlement environment that encourages transit-friendly development. 

Village of Skokie

TOD Developer Discussion Panel

This project will assist the Village with a developer panel to determine a practical approach to creating a financially-feasible, transit-supportive neighborhood of mixed-use commercial and residential development.  The project focus will be along the corridors adjacent to the Oakton-Skokie CTA Station and the neighboring high-density multifamily residential neighborhoods.  This effort is intended to support the new CTA station, CTA and Pace Suburban Bus services, and the neighborhood's commercial areas. 

Village of Worth

TOD Plan

This project will assist the Village in the creation of a TOD plan for the area surrounding the Worth Metra station, as recommended by CMAP's Planning Priorities study recently completed for the Village.  The plan will focus on residential and commercial redevelopment that will create a downtown area.  The desire is to facilitate and sustain future development that would expand opportunities for the residents and business owners, while also increasing ridership for Metra and Pace commuters. 

Village of River Grove

TOD Developer Discussion Panel

This project will assist the Village with implementation efforts as recommended in their recently adopted TOD plan that was funded through the Community Planning program.  A developer panel will be conducted with the goal of assisting the Village with several redevelopment sites identified in the plan.  Redevelopment of these sites would capitalize on the proximity to exiting transit facilities, as well as strengthen the vitality of downtown River Grove. 

City of Aurora

Pedestrian Access to Transit Improvement Plans

RTA staff will assist the City with the development of a pedestrian access plan that will increase Pace and Metra ridership by enhancing the walk-ability and bike-ability at the Aurora Transit Center and Route 59 Metra station.  The plan will develop recommendations for station accessibility improvements with additional sidewalks and paths, enhanced crosswalks, way finding, intersection improvements and bicycle accommodations. 

City of Aurora

Station Boulevard Trolley Access Improvements

RTA staff will assist the City with updating the 2009 service plan for the Station Boulevard Trolley system.  This system will connect residents of the Station Boulevard TOD area with the Route 59 Metra station thereby increasing Metra ridership and reducing vehicle miles traveled to the station.  Updates will be made to the routing and scheduling of the year-round trolley system and the cost estimates needed to implement and operate the service.  The source of operating funds will come from a monthly fee assessed to each residential unit in the TOD area. 

City of West Chicago

TOD Developer Discussion Panel

This project will assist the City with a developer panel to review the City's existing CBD area plans, analyze the CBD for prospective development, and make recommendations for the City's future efforts to market and enhance the Downtown area.  Enhancements to the CBD will support mass transit with new development and redevelopment in the Main Street Corridor and West Washington Street Area.

City of Evanston

TOD Zoning Parking Requirements

This project will assist the City in determining what changes to the City zoning ordinance should be considered to better reflect the actual supply and demand for parking in TOD areas, and encourage increased transit use by residents and businesses in these areas.  Zoning revisions could be made to all CTA and Metra rail stations in Evanston by implementing a city-wide TOD parking policy.  The City's goal is to increase the use of transit, balance the supply of parking needs in TOD areas and refine policy that will lead to the elimination of unnecessary parking being constructed in the City. 

Village of Forest Park

Roosevelt Road Zoning Code Overlay

This project will assist the Village with the development of a zoning ordinance overlay for the Roosevelt Road corridor, between 1st Avenue and Harlem Avenue, which has significant Pace and CTA bus service.  This form-based zoning code amendment will be beneficial in blending new development and redevelopment for a mix of uses along Roosevelt. 

 Village of Forest Park

Harlem Avenue Zoning Code Overlay

This project will assist the Village with the development of a zoning ordinance overlay for the Harlem Avenue corridor, between the Harlem / Lake Green Line CTA station and 16th Street, which has significant Pace and CTA bus service.  The current zoning process required for new development has been cumbersome and time-consuming, making it more challenging to attract redevelopment to the corridor.  A uniform form-based code is desired that will provide quicker development approvals without a months-long process and variations, further attracting quality redevelopment along the corridor.

Village of Palatine

TOD Plan This project will assist the Village in creating a TOD Plan for the downtown area that will serve as an update to the Village's 2004 Downtown Land Use Guide.  This plan will build upon already completed development and redevelopment in the downtown area over the past 15 years.  It will create a refined vision for remaining pocket areas that have potential for redevelopment and will focus on fringe areas where high-density, TOD development transitions back into more traditional, low-density land uses.

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Call for Projects Timeline

May 2 - Call for Projects released

May 22 -  Learn about successful LTA and Community Planning projects at the GreenTown Conference

June 3 - Information session Tuesday, June 3, 2014, 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. at CMAP.  RSVP to Dan Olson (    

June 11 - If transit-related project, contact made to transit agency for letter of support

June 26 – Applications due before Noon CST

July -  RTA / CMAP staff will notify applicants which agency will evaluate their application

July- August -  RTA staff will contact applicants with additional questions on their application

July- August - RTA staff reviews projects

September -  Preliminary project selection recommendations released; all applicants notified

October - Project development

December 19 -RTA Board approves projects and funding for recommended projects; successful applicants notified

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