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RTA Transit Benefit Fare Program

The RTA Transit Benefit Fare Program helps employees and employers save money on transit.  IRS Section 132(f) allows for employees to have up to $245 a month deducted pre-tax to pay for transit or vanpool commuting expenses.  Below is an example of the savings.

Pre-Tax Benefit

Monthly income without
pre-tax Benefit

Monthly income with
pre-tax Benefit
Monthly Gross Salary $4,000 Monthly Gross Salary $4,000
Federal Taxes ($1,120) Transit Fare** ($245)
FICA ($306) Pre-Tax Income $3,755
State Tax ($200) Federal Taxes ($1,051)
Post Tax Income $2,374 FICA ($287)
Transit Fare** ($245) State Tax ($188)
After Tax & Transit $2,129 After Tax & Transit $2,229


Savings of $100 each month

$100 x 12 months = $1,200 in Annual Savings


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RTA blue TransparantThe Transit Benefit Program is offered by the RTA and
provides savings on the following providers:

CTA blue     Metra blue  Pace blue    Chicago Water Taxi
  South Shore     nictd2



* Assumes employee is included in 28% federal income tax bracket, 5% in state income tax and 7.65% FICA

** Assumes employee uses maximum benefit each month

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